Our Divorce and Family Law team at Abrahams & Gross offers a high level of service and expertise with an understanding and sensitive approach, taking into account each client’s needs. We are available, involved and committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you, our client.

We specialise in all matters of law affecting the family – be it divorce, matrimonial or child-related. Due to the nature of our work, we are conscious of the social and psychological impact on the family unit, therefore working closely with other professionals in these fields.

Whilst we proceed promptly and vigorously with legal action when necessary, we bear in mind the costs involved and advise our clients accordingly.

Our services include the following:

  • Advice on Matrimonial Systems
    • Antenuptial Contracts
      • Married In of Community of Property
      • Married Out of Community of Property with Accrual
      • Married Out of Community of Property without Accrual
    • Variation of Matrimonial Systems and Postnuptial Agreements (Changing your current marriage regime)
  • International Divorce Law
    • Foreigners who married in South Africa
    • South Africans who married outside of South Africa
  • Uncontested / Unopposed Divorces
  • Contested / Opposed Divorces
    • Rule 43 Applications and Urgent Monetary Relief Applications
    • Maintenance
      • Application for Maintenance Order
      • Complaints of Failure to Comply with a Maintenance Order
      • Substitution or Discharge of Existing Maintenance Order
      • Application for Enforcement of Maintenance or Other Order
    • Pension / Provident / Retirement Fund pay outs
    • Custody and Access Disputes
    • Parenting Plans and Agreements
    • Children’s Rights
    • International Child Abduction (Hague Convention Applications)
    • Parental Responsibilities and Rights
    • Access to Children
      • Custody (Care and Contact) of Children
      • Care and Contact Disputes concerning Children
      • Child and Spousal Maintenance Law
      • Unmarried Fathers’ Rights and Access to Children
      • Biological Fathers’ rights and Access to Children
      • Grandparents’ Rights and Access to Children
    • Same-sex (gay and lesbian), Transgender and Heterosexual rights and Life Partnership Agreements and Partnerships
    • Customary Marriages (Islamic / African)
      • Protection of Muslim men and women married under Islamic Law
    • Co-habitation / Universal / Civil Union Agreements and Partnerships
    • Domestic Partnerships
    • Domestic Violence Matters and Protection Orders
    • Harassment Matters and Protections Orders
    • Adoption Law Applications and Agreements
    • Surrogacy / Reproductive Law Applications and Agreements (egg donation)
    • Fostering
    • Facilitation and Mediation of any family or divorce matters
    • Any other general Divorce and Family Law matters