Commercial debt recovery or business‐to‐business collection is the process whereby an attorney or other registered debt collector recovers a delinquent (outstanding or overdue) amount, plus lawful interest, administrative costs and collection fees from a business (debtor) on behalf of another business (creditor).

Which court is best?

Commercial recoveries cannot simply take place in any court. Factors such as the amount to be recovered must be taken into account when choosing a court.

Depending on the amount of the claim, the following courts may be used:

  • MAGISTRATES’ COURT: To recover debts up to the value of R200,000.
  • REGIONAL COURT: For claims exceeding R200,000 but not more than R400,000.
  • HIGH COURT: For all debts exceeding R400,000, claims must be brought in the appropriate division of the High Court.

Speak to a commercial recovery expert

In conclusion, once the amount of the commercial debt has been taken into account, the appropriate court can then be approached by your attorneys for commercial recovery proceedings to take place. Contact our Cape Town Commercial Recovery team for assistance – we collect both disputed and undisputed debts in both the public and private sectors, and are available to cater to all your claims and recovery needs.

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