The process of buying or selling property can be rather overwhelming, more so, when you do not know what to expect.

Below is a list of expenses which may arise for both the seller and purchaser to assist you in preparing for the unknown.

The buyer is liable for:

  1. Transfer Fees (payable to Transfer Attorneys)
  2. Transfer Duty (tax payable to SARS) or VAT
  3. Bond registration Fees*
  4. Home-Owners Association Consent Fee *
  5. Body Corporate levy clearance Fee *
  6. Costs in terms of special bond conditions *
  7. Occupational interest *
  8. Special Levies imposed by a Body Corporate before transfer

The seller is liable for:

  1. Agents commission
  2. All appropriate and necessary certificates of compliance, eg, Electrical Certificate
  3. Bond Cancellation fees *
  4. Penalty Bond Interest *
  5. Advanced rates clearance figures
  6. Levies/Special Levies
  7. Capital Gains Tax *
  8. Home-Owners Consent*
  9. Certified Copy of misplaced Title Deeds *

*if applicable

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