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One of Cape Town’s best attorneys retires after 60 years of practising law

Abrahams and Gross recently said farewell to a remarkable attorney, John Simon, who retired after 60 years of law practise.

John practised law in Cape Town from 1953, his principal fields of interest being commercial and corporate law, intellectual property and estate planning. He was also a part-time lecturer in Company Law at the University of Cape Town where he also taught High Court practice and procedure at the full-time Practical Law School.

He has served as President of the Cape Town Attorney’s Association and as Chairman of the Cape Law Society’s Commercial and Tax Law Committee, and of the Law Society’s Assessment Committee for Attorneys Costs in non-litigious matters.

He was appointed by the Minister of Finance as a member of the first Special Board for the hearing of Income Tax Appeals in terms of Section 83(A) of the Income Tax Act 1962 and he was the rapporteur for South Africa for Lloyd’s Maritime Law Newsletter.

His publications include:

Chapter on South Africa in Dennis Campbell (ed) Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Africa (Kluwer, 1986, 2006 revision in course of preparation)

International Contract Manual on South Africa Law, (Kluwer, for the Institute of International Commercial Law)

Handbook on Attorneys’ Costs in non-litigious matters (Cape Law Society)

Sundry contributions to SA Law Journal

Thanks for everything. You will be missed, but never forgotten. We are grateful to salute a true legend for his dedication of work towards our company and we all wish him a great future ahead after his retirement!

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